Welcome to Kristen Rutter, “nutfreemomma!” I believe that together, we can raise healthy, confident, balanced and well-adjusted children who happen to have food allergies, all while saving our sanity and remaining calm, educated and prepared at the same time! I believe that our biggest source of support on this journey is each other.

I'm a wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend, advocate, runner, yogi, aspiring vegan, attorney, and most importantly, mother to two little girls, one of whom has life threatening food allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. I write for all those managing and living with food allergies and especially for those raising children with food allergies.


Our daughter was diagnosed at the age of two after having an anaphylactic reaction when she ingested peanut butter for the first time. Everything changed for me on that day. In a way, life became so simple and clear. I had a new purpose- To protect my daughter, educate her, educate others to keep her safe and increase food allergy awareness and education.


My Journey To Blogging

Food allergies “run” in my husband’s family. His uncle is allergic to fish and my sister-in-law is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. This might sound weird but in a way, I felt thankful that we were familiar with food allergies before our daughter had her first reaction. If you want to see the details of her reaction, you can read The Whole Story, and nuts. That day, after we brought our daughter home safe and sound from the hospital, I thought about how thankful I was that we knew what to look for and how to react when she started showing signs of an allergic reaction 30 seconds after that first tiny bite of peanut butter toast. I thought about how blessed she was to have us as parents! Then I immediately thought about what could have been had we not known what to look for or how to react! That day, I felt (in my bones!) that I needed to get involved, educate myself as much as possible, help others who manage food allergies and voila!, nutfreemomma was born.

I am not a doctor, I definitely do not know it all and my thoughts and advice should never take the place of your doctor’s; but through this blog, I hope to be a source of support and light in the midst of the challenges that families and individuals face living with food allergies. Let’s join together in raising and protecting our children. I look forward to connecting with and learning from you as well!