Bon Voyage!

First of all, sorry I have been radio silent for a while!  Life has been busy!  We just got back from a cross country trip visiting my family in Texas.  This trip included four flights and two layovers total.  This was our first time flying since my daughter's diagnosis.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous!  I want to share our experience because it ended up going incredibly smoothly and I hope it helps you plan and prepare for traveling with a nut allergy.

We decided to fly United because they do not serve any products with peanuts in them on the flight.  That really decreases the chance of exposure.  Although passengers can still bring on their own food, which may contain peanuts, they are not served by United to every passenger on the plane.  My husband and I used to fly Southwest but they still serve peanuts on their flights.  Southwest is a no-go for us now for obvious reasons.

United let us pre-board before anyone else got on the plane so that we could wipe down all of the tray tables, arm rests, seats, walls and windows in our row.  We were able to do this on all four flights without question.  In fact, when I went up to the desks at each gate, the United employees didn't bat an eye when I explained our situation and asked to pre-board.  It seemed like they were very used to such requests.

We also packed all of our own safe snacks for the flights (along with an iPad, and our little one's coveted Cinderella figurine).  :-)

With our Epi-Pens within reach, we made it down and back safely and had a great time visiting family.  Being prepared really helped all of us feel comfortable.  The first step is sometimes the hardest and I am confident that after getting four flights under our belt that we will have many more in our future!

Posted on June 24, 2013 and filed under Personal.