A new nut-free butter!

I am not afraid to say it - I used to LOVE peanut butter.  Yes, in all caps.  I honestly think I used to eat peanut butter every day before before my daughter's reaction and diagnosis.  Now, we have a 100% nut-free home.  Home is our safe zone.  As Nut Free Momma, I am always on the lookout for nut butter alternatives.  I still have to get my fix!  :-)

I recently tried a new nut butter alternative that just hit the shelves: No-Nut Butter from The Sneaky Chef.  This stuff is awesome!  It is made from non-GMO (cue applause!) golden peas (yay veggies!).  It is 100% nut-free and produced in a nut-free facility.  Our family has tried most, if not all, of the most popular nut butter alternatives.  Biscoff Spread tastes amazing but it is just too sweet and rich for me to utilize as our go-to PB replacement.  It takes like a dessert.  I think WowButter is just ok.  We don't really like the taste of it, and I personally don't like the idea of consuming too much soy.  Our favorite has always been SunButter.  I must say that No-Nut Butter will be in our pantry from now on as well!  It really does have a creamy, smooth texture and great taste.  I like it enough to write a blog post about it!  And no, I am not getting paid to say this.  I just want to spread the word to all you fabulous nut-free families out there.  Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Posted on September 24, 2013 and filed under Product Reviews.