Some great news for our family...

Some of you may remember this post about our second daughter being diagnosed with a milk allergy at one month old.  Well, it is time to write with an update about our almost one year old! She has spent the last year on EleCare formula as she couldn't tolerate anything else.  After lots of follow up with her pediatrician and her pediatric gastroenterologist, it was decided that we would do a full allergy panel via blood work on her before moving forward with trying to introduce other highly allergenic foods.  I must say, this decision came as a huge relief to me.  I desperately wanted to know where we stood before stopping EleCare and trying some new stuff.  As a side note, we have been able to introduce a lot of solid foods without an issue and our docs were very hopeful that she had already outgrown the milk allergy.

Her results came in day before yesterday but I have been too busy celebrating to find the time to post.  EVERYTHING came back negative.  As in, not even a hint of an allergy.  Her numbers were zeros across the board; they were nonexistent.

So for the real success- Last night I gave her some yogurt and she loved it.  And nothing happened!  It was totally non-eventful!  Allergy moms like non-eventful!  Hooray!

Here is an updated picture of our little "bean" doing her favorite scrunched up nose smile.  God, I love this smiley, happy girl.  We are blessed.

Posted on February 12, 2014 and filed under Personal.