Mylan's New "My EpiPlan" App is Here!

Photo: Courtesy of Mylan

I have become super tech savvy in my old age.  :-)  Okay, not really, but I try, and (surprisingly!) new technology and new apps really get me excited, so when I found out that Mylan was launching a new EpiPen App, I was all over it.  Downloaded it immediately.  We have EpiPens at home, school, grandma's house, and the diaper bag.  There is one close by at all times.  We have added more Pens to our arsenal at different times: A new pack as our little one started school, a new pack after we accidentally left the diaper bag in the car during the #polarvortex (shame on us!), so we have a lot of different expiration dates to keep track of.

I am a very organized person, almost to a fault, but with two little ones at home, I need all the help I can get.  People always make fun of me because I write EVERYTHING down in my calendar but if I didn't, I would be a hot mess and wouldn't remember anything.  Insert the need for apps and new technology to make my life easier!  And here comes Mylan to the rescue, helping Nut Free Momma stay on top of her game!  :-)

My favorite feature on the new app is the how-to video.  This is so nice to be able to show other parents and caregivers rather than just trying to verbally explain what to do in the event of a reaction.  It is quick, easy to watch and very straightforward; devoid of any emotion or drama, which is what you want when trying to instruct someone on how to inject epinephrine during a chaotic, emotional and stressful event, which all reactions are.  I also think it is a fantastic idea to have people practice with the trainer while watching the video.  What a great way to prepare yourself and other people in the event of a reaction.  The fact that this little toolkit is available in your pocket or purse at all times is so cool.

I also love the fact that you can store a catalogue of all your EpiPens in one place.  You can quickly see where they are, how many you have and when they expire.  The information is all in one place and is always available for quick and easy reference.

The App has many more features but the tracking and instructional features are the most attractive to me.  Those two are reason enough to download it and share it with grandparents, nannys, babysitters, teachers, aunts, uncles, etc.  It would be useful for ANYONE who regularly shares responsibility for your child.

As an added bonus, the App offers tips on avoiding your allergens and the basics of anaphylaxis which is useful no matter how much of a food allergy expert you are.  We can all use refreshers.

So kuddos to Mylan for bringing a truly useful piece of technology to make the lives of all of those dealing with and managing food allergies a bit more, well, manageable.  Do yourself a favor and download it (for FREE) now!

Posted on March 17, 2014 and filed under Product Reviews.