Real life

Hello again! Hello 2016 and hello to all of you who are still with me on this crazy food allergy parenting journey. It's been a while. It's been a long while. I hope you are well. I am here to explain my absence and I am here to pick up where I left off. 

I haven't posted in a long time and truth be told, I got tired. I am real and I get tired and overwhelmed and stressed out and I often put too much on my plate at one time. I am just like you. I know you do this too. And that's okay.


It's okay to take breaks and then pick things back up when you feel like you have more energy. That is real life.


I am back and I hope you will hang around for more recipes, support, education and love from nutfreemomma! I have a lot of ideas for posts so stay tuned.  

A lot has happened in the past year. Both of my girls are now in school and I am one of the room parents for my oldest daughter's class. It is quite a bit of work but very rewarding and also allows me the opportunity to stay on top of my food allergy management game during special classroom celebrations and events. My husband started a new business venture that is going well and also taking up more of his time. Our sweet girl has added a few more tree nuts to her list of allergens and her peanut level continues to rise. She has also been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma and we have added an inhaler to our arsenal. We have safely made it through two out of town trips, numerous birthday parties and celebrations both inside and outside the classroom, and most recently another holiday season.


Life is good. I feel thankful and I want to once again offer you all my support. 


In love~



Posted on January 16, 2016 and filed under Personal.